Do you rent motorcycles?

    Tankwa Biking currently has 5 Kawasaki KLR650’s that are available for use as part of an overall accompanied motorcycle tour experience. 

    What are the tour prices?

    On one of our KLR650's

    * R1,845 for the 2 day tour including 1 nights accommodation
    * R3,375 for the 3 day tour including 2 nights accommodation

    On your own bike

    * R890 for the 2 day tour including 1 nights accommodation
    * R1,590 for the 3 day tour including 2 nights accommodation

    * Pricing above is in South African Rands (ZAR) and are an indication only and will be dependant on the route chosen and local accommodation available

    What is included in the tour price?

    Tour guide
    Backup vehicle with 3 bike trailer
    Use of a Kawasaki KLR650 motorcycle
    Accommodation inclusive of evening meals and breakfast
    Use of a Tankwa bike bag for your luggage

    What is not included in the tour price?

    Snacks and any other personal items you purchase along the way


    How many kilometres do you cover per day?

    Approximately 375 km per day


    Do you have riding gear available?

    We do have helmets, goggles and gloves available, please let us know what your head and hand sizes are in advance

    We do not rent boots or riding jackets, you would need to bring your own along


    Can a passenger accompany me on the tour?

    Yes, if renting a KLR650  your combined weight including baggage
    may not exceed 182 kg

    The additional cost for a passenger on the 1 night tour is R550 and the 2 night tour is R1,730


    Can I come on my own bike?

    You are welcome to come on your own bike provided it is a dual purpose bike that has an engine capacity in excess of 500cc

    Cost of fuel, insurance and recovery of your bike should it break down will be your responsibility. Tankwa Biking has a Jeep and bike trailer available for bike recovery


    Do you provide medical insurance?

    No we do not. You need to have your own medical insurance and the cost of a medical evacuation would also be for your account


    Do you only do tours in the Tankwa and Cederberg?

    No, during the very hot summer periods we also ride some fantastic 1 and 2 night tours through the Little Karoo and Southern Cape


    What happens if I fall and damage the bike?

    All Tankwa bikes are fitted with crash bars and provided the damage caused costs less than R3,000 to repair then Tankwa Biking will take care of cost, thereafter the balance of your deposit up and to the insurance excess would apply


    Is there reception for cellular phones available on your routes?

    In most of the areas we ride through there is no cellular network available. One of the overnight facilities we use in the Roggeveld does have cellular network access