Bikers for Literacy

Giving back to the community
An initiative from Tankwa Biking that plans to promote English literacy in rural schools. As adventure bikers who travel through and enjoy the outlying rural areas, we would like to put something back into the local communities.

Learning to speak, read and write in English is going to give the children from these communities much better opportunities in the future. On selected rides, we donate what we call “literacy activity kits” for rural schools which consist of packs of Wordplay cards and English dictionaries. Children as a group and in teams use the Wordplay cards to build words and then may also have to consult the dictionaries to check their spelling - a good way (also lots of fun) of learning to speak, read and write in English. 

This program has been well received by the Western Cape Department of Education . Although still in its infancy, we hope to take it forward and go from strength to strength.